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To safeguard your privacy, Prudential will not make use of your Social Security Number (SSN) in any communication you are sent by us. Alternatively, we produce an unique consumer recognition Number (CIN) for everyone with an annuity being an identifier to be utilized as opposed to your SSN inside our communications for you. The CIN is a nine-digit, alpha-numeric quantity that starts with a letter—for instance, A12345678.

The “Contract” that has been bought to supply your annuity is really a combined team annuity agreement offered through the Prudential insurance carrier of America. An organization annuity contract is a monetary item offered by an insurance coverage business providing you with a fully guaranteed flow of income for members of a bunch at reported periods (in this instance month-to-month) for every recipient’s lifetime, and, in certain circumstances, if applicable, for the duration of a joint annuitant (such as for example a partner) thereafter.

A Contract quantity may be the unique number that is identifying towards the team annuity agreement that covers the annuity that has been purchased for you personally. Us by phone or mail, you should reference your Contract Number whenever you contact. It can help us find your documents on our systems that are administrative allows us to be much more responsive for your requirements.

If this field seems in your reality Sheet, in that case your advantage features a death benefit function that will require one to designate a beneficiary:


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